Just like everyone else in the country, we had our eyes to the sky yesterday afternoon.

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

The Great American Solar Eclipse took over social media over the past few weeks and really hit it hard yesterday. There wasn't much else on Facebook besides eclipse posts.

I grabbed a beach chair, some popcorn, a drink, and my nifty eclipse glasses yesterday to watch as the sun got photobombed by the moon. I set up outside the studio in the parking lot and from then on my eyes were glued to the sky.

At the start of the eclipse the clouds would frequently cover the sun. However, not long after it started the clouds dispersed and we were greeted by a magnificent sight.

Every so often someone would join Heather (from our sister station SoJo 104.9) and me to see what was going on in the sky. Our glasses became the communal glasses. We were prepared.

At the peak of the eclipse you could feel the lack of heat as a result of the sun being 70% blocked by the moon and the crickets started to chirp.

Although we did not get the darkness some cities saw, it was still a site to see.

See the behind the scene and some pictures here:


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