You may hear the words "St. Jude", but never truly understand what that means, where your money goes, or what they do; until you see it for yourself.

Chelsea and I had the absolute privilege of touring St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee so that WE could see all of the amazing things that they do and are working on doing through research, love, and YOUR donations.

With your help, St. Jude has had the ability to make their treatment center more than just a a hospital; It's a place of hope and creates a space for kids and families to feel at home without a doubt that they're receiving the best care possible.

Some of my FAVORITE things that we saw on the tour included:

  • An Education Center--where teachers from around the world can send their lesson plans and books so that a child never misses a day of school, and can have their graduation/diploma ceremony should they still be in the hospital come the time of advancement.
  • An OBGYN Office--where children can freeze their sperm or eggs to avoid the risk of radiation hindering that for their future.
  • The Art Gallery-- Where kids create the art of what they are feeling in their hearts
  • The Kay Cafe--Where chefs will personalize meals for kids dependent on what they're craving on chemo
  • The Garden--Where the St. Jude Gardener can grow the freshest produce to promote health for the children.
  • A Teen Room--for kids 13 and up who need some time away from the parents!
  • Personalized rooms-- Specific to a child's interests so they feel at home, with a parent room right next door
  • Patient Dollies--Each child receives a dolly when they walk through the St. Jude doors that comes with velcro pieces to help show the child what will be happening to them, and make them feel safe knowing that if their dolly can do it, they can too
  • The Pill Process--How they teach babies to teens how to take medicine, and if something just simply doesn't work; Doctors will conduct another way that the medicine is distributed (i.e. eyedrops)
  • St. Jude Prom-- They host an evening dance/ prom for kids to dress up, dance and have fun for those who may not get the chance to experience their High School Prom

But here, just see it for yourself :

Become a Partner in Hope TODAY at 1-800-372-4999 or text "CAT" to 785-833

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