Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

According to NationalDayCalendar.com, January 14th is set aside to observe the special role our pets play in our family units. The day was created to celebrate our four-legged family members and to "support the pet fashion community".

So, in celebration, Joe and I asked you to upload your best pictures of your favorite furry friends in costume. Check them out below:

Now, if you want to celebrate, but your pets aren't too keen on allowing you to do so, let them sit this one out. We are not condoning dressing your pets up against they're will. If they love it, then keep the pictures coming! They're all just SO. Stinkin'. CUTE!

When uploading to various social media platforms, make sure you're using #DressUpYourPetDay so no one misses out on the cuteness!

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