South Jersey's experienced some snowfall this year, but Thursday's snow was the one everyone's been waiting for.

The rest of the snowstorms this year really didn't do much for the kids here in South Jersey. The snow was pretty and all, but the accumulation numbers weren't enough for it to last for more than a day or two. In fact, most of the snow from the previous snow storms was gone in less than twenty-four hours.

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Long story short, we've been waiting for a doozy and today's the day Mother Nature decided it was our time. Apparently, most of Atlantic County got at least three inches or more. Even better, the snow was the perfect texture for the kids to get out and play -- that good packing snow, you know what I mean?

So, of course, we wanted to see what everyone was up to on this FANTASTIC snow day. Joe and I had said it multiple times on the morning show today; let the kids have a good old fashioned snow day. They've waited so long for one, especially since last year was a total letdown in the snow department.

We posted on multiple pages of our social media asking you to send us your snow day pictures. Let's get real here; nothing makes you smile like seeing people enjoying themselves and having a blast out in the snow.

You can take a look at what was shared AND post your own snow day photos below:

Pretty Photos of South Jersey Snow (Before It All Turns Ugly)

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