We've all been stuck in quarantine for a while now with no beauty routine to speak of.

Honestly, cosmetologists have absolutely no idea how much we miss them. I know they're all excited to eventually get back to work, but at this point, I think it's safe to say we may miss them more than they miss actually being at work.

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Since we've all been dealing with the blank canvas that is ourselves without our nails done, hair done, and most likely, some pretty bushy eyebrows, it lead me to question if I could live without the luxury of salon appointments forever. Some, I probably could. Others, I'd rather not even have to think about going without them forever.

South Jersey's ladies were asked if they had let go of one beauty service forever, which would it be?

It turns out, the women of South Jersey would ditch the nail salon before they would ever ditch their hairstylists.

As for the brows, it seems like these days people care about keeping them looking clean more than they care about their nails.

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