We love her!

Her is...of course... Taylor Swift!

From her sold-out concerts to her NFL game visits, people are into Taylor Swift.

Yes, even in New Jersey!

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If you're been wondering why Taylor Swift is getting so much attention, it's because people want to know more about her! People all across the country.

A study shows New Jersey is one of the most in-love-with-Taylor states in the whole country!

The study by Betway found that New Jersey is the 7th most into-Taylor state.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
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The number one state for Taylor Swift love? It's Florida! See, Grandma loves Taylor Swift too!

Betway "analyzed hundreds of Google searches from the past year to determine the most Swiftiest" states.

In the last year, New Jersey residents searched for Taylor Swift on Google at a rate of 17,671 searches for 10,000 people. That's a big number!

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
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SOURCE: Betway

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