Well, the summer season has officially kicked off in the Garden State.

Before Memorial Day, all the beaches up and down the Jersey coastline are free. Now that Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, it's time to cough up some moolah to roast your rump on Jersey's white sandy beaches.

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If running down to your favorite NJ beach's municipal building to score your early-bird beach tags sounds super annoying, well, you're in luck. Did you know that certain beaches now have the option for you to score this year's beach tags right from your phone? You can get some towns' tags right from an app.

Have you ever heard of Viply? It's an app that allows you to purchase a bunch of different things like concert tickets, concessions, and yes, now even beach tags before you get to your location.

I bought my beach tag for Brigantine Beach off of Viply, which is great since I was able to still take advantage of their pre-season discount.

It takes two seconds to purchase, too. You just download the Viply app to your phone, create a profile with a minimal amount of information, and then type in what you're looking for. Since it uses your location to assist with your search, the app itself is pretty sure it can identify what you're looking for. So, for me, it knew by my location that I was probably looking to purchase beach tags, so it automatically brought me to the list of all the NJ beaches available for me to order one from.

Super convenient!

Check out all the beaches offered on the Viply app HERE.

Source: Viplypass.com 

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