That's the sentiment posed by the Alternative Mom Facebook page via contributor Megan Dunn.

The argument is this: not every family can afford to gift their children with expensive technology or toys, so to keep it fair, tell your own children that Santa only brings one present &/or a variety of inexpensive items to ensure no hurt feelings from less fortunate children.

Read the entire statement below:

There's some truth to the contributor's point. It's not uncommon to hear stories from teachers about children not understanding why some of their classmates received really nice and expensive gifts from Santa while they only received clothes or candy. You can understand the argument, right? A child doesn't understand economics, nor does it even matter when talking about Santa.

Look at it from the child's point-of-view. Santa makes everything in his workshop, right? Therefore, money doesn't even factor into the equation. Now, it's understandable that parents want to give their kids an amazing Christmas and that no one has a right to tell you how to spend your money, but take your pride out of the equation and observe the situation through the eyes of a child and you'll see the origin of the argument.

In a child's eyes, why did little Johnny get a brand new X-box but Madison only got new jammies and a pair of slippers?

So, what are you to do? It's obviously at the parent's discretion. Both sides of the argument are valid, but if you're looking at it through a child's perspective, you can easily identify the author's point.

Source: Facebook

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