Get ready for some not-so-shocking news, ya'll.

Once again, the City of Brotherly Love has been bestowed the title of Rudest City in America. Believe it or not, even though most of us know that's true to a certain extent, many have come to be proud of that in-your-face Philly attitude.

A new study revealed that Philadelphia, PA is home to the rudest people in the United States. One question, though. Are the people actually "rude" or are they just up-front? People from Jersey hear pretty awful stereotypes about them, too. Most of us, funny enough, have some pretty deep roots that connect to either Philadelphia or New York City. Could that be why many say New Jersey residents are rude, too?

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Philadelphia residents were voted most likely to talk on their speakerphones in public areas AND are more than likely to not acknowledge strangers. Let's pose this question, though - you know how many will swear there is no place in the United States quite like the South when it comes to manners? Some claim people in the south demonstrate an open-arm, open-heart attitude.

You always hear people raving about how hospitable people are in the South. I've spent some significant time in more than six of the southern states and, let me tell you, they may be nice to your face, but they're definitely commenting on your hair, your clothes, or something behind your back. Of course, that's a generalization, so not EVERYONE from the south is like that, but still, it's a thing. It happens. I've experienced it, first-hand.

So, would you rather have someone be nice to your face and then criticize you behind your back or just not acknowledge you at all? Since I'm someone that's a product of two worlds, both Philadelphia AND South Jersey, I'd have to say I'd choose the latter. I'd rather people not even acknowledge my presence rather than be fake to my face.

That's just me, though. I realize that first impressions mean a lot, so it's no surprise that Philly ranked the way that it did. Check out the full study for yourself HERE.


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