There are way too many great options for a sub in the Garden State, so it's not too often that you'll find me at a Subway.

We've got some seriously good local delis, and places that are known for fresh sliced meat piled high on a baked roll.

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Now, I'm not saying Subway is bad, it's just not my first choice.

However, if Subway gives you the option to eat one of their sandwiches over 1,000 feet in the sky your ears prick up a bit, don't they?

If you're looking up at the sky at some point in the month of September and see a massive hoagie floating in the sky don't worry, it's not heat stroke, it's Subway's very first restaurant in the sky.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

According to Food and Wine, Subway's very first flying restaurant has a gondola large enough to hold six hungry passengers while they enjoy a sampling of Subway hoagies while floating silently one thousand feet in the sky.

Could you imagine laying out on the shore during local summer and having your sun blocked not by a cloud but by a floating Subway restaurant?

That would be a sight!

The blimp will take 40 subway fans a day into the sky while it tours its way across cities throughout the United States.

However, Food and Wine reports that we may not see the floating Subway blimp here in Jersey.

The blimp is taking people up into the skies throughout the month of September, but only in Kansas City, Miami, and Orlando.

Road trip anyone?

I think Jersey Mike's needs to do something like this, except it's a Danny Devito blimp and it's exclusively flown here in Jersey.

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