How many times have you been to a restaurant, and when the waiter approaches, you go into panic mode?

Everyone else at the table seems to be ready, but you still haven't quite decided.  You tell the waiter to "come to me last."  Then, when the waiter comes around to you, you're left to make a quick decision.

Later, when the order comes out and you see what everyone else has, you start to regret your decision.

If this scenario sounds familiar, then the buffet is just for you.  Why choose, when you can have it all?  When it's a brunch buffet?  Is there anything better?

Sadly, many buffets disappeared during the pandemic.  Still, there are still some good brunch buffets out there. recently put out a list of the best brunch buffets in each state.  In New Jersey, the best buffet in the state just happens to be in Atlantic City.

The Borgata has a buffet that is fit for a king.  The selection of breakfast items is everything you'd expect.  They offer eggs in any style, including an omelet station.  They have a full bagel bar featuring lox, onions, capers, and more.  As this is a brunch buffet, they also offer Chinese, sushi, Italian, and seafood. They also offer salad items.

To top it off, they have plenty for your sweet tooth, including cannoli, pastries, and more.

At 29.99 for brunch, and a discount for kids, it's well worth the price.

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