How do you top a great burger? Duh! With great cheese!

Your husband may boast about his burger-on-the-grill abilities, but when that burger comes out as something resembling a hockey puck, well, it's really not that good is it?

When was the last time you had a really great cheeseburger, cooked to perfection?

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The winner for New Jersey came from a local New Jersey burger chain that I never heard of - but, one that I'll have to try! It's Diesel and Duke, with locations in Caldwell, Montclair, Jersey City, Princeton, and New Brunswick.

According to LoveFood, Diesel and Duke opened their first location in 2014, and it has a menu of " delicious, cooked-to-order beef burgers."

Checking their menu, Diesel and Duke offer a handful of burgers which include The Standard, which includes American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, aioli, and ketchup. Holypeno includes bacon, aged cheddar, jalapeno, carmelized onion, and spicy mayo. You may want to try the S.P.B.B: it includes peanut butter, siracha, and bacon!

According to LoveFood, customers also rave about their cheese fries.

Diesel and Duke claim their burgers are always fresh and never frozen. "... our burgers speak for themselves. They are perfect for a night in with the family, celebrating the big game, and those special late-night cravings."

Photo by Aleisha Kalina on Unsplash
Photo by Aleisha Kalina on Unsplash

What place cooks up your favorite cheeseburger? Please leave a message in the comments, or send me an email: We'd love to hear what you think!

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