Up until this weekend, vanilla ice cream was always my favorite flavor of ice cream.

Up until this weekend.

Oh, sure, I've enjoyed other flavors of ice cream, but I always came back to vanilla.

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Now you must understand I've enjoyed ice cream my whole life.

Growing up, ice cream was our family's go-to treat. On a summer night, standing in line for an ice cream cone was a favorite pastime. When we traveled on vacation, almost every night was capped off with a trip to a local ice cream place.

In high school, I dated a girl who worked at Dairy Queen just so I could maybe get free ice cream. (It didn't work....)

As my kids were growing up, trips to ice cream stands were common place - especially after baseball and softball games - win or lose.

When I have to travel in South Jersey, I pretty much know which ice cream places will be on my route, and plan accordingly.

Well, this past weekend, I found THE BEST ICE CREAM EVER!

I found it at the new Jersey Cow Ice Cream on Tilton Road in Northfield.

It was their grand opening and I was there for three hours Saturday, so I got a chance to sample a bit.


All their ice cream is made on the premises. If you're thinking, "That building isn't that big", that's what I was thinking!

Well, the Jersey Cow has a basement! A basement! That's where they make each and every of the 20-something flavors. Handmade and homemade!

So, let's talk the ice cream. Here's what I tried:

Vanilla (the hard ice cream. Creamy, vanilla-ey, and delicious!

Butter Pecan. Buttery, Great pecan flavor. So creamy!

The Nutty Nana. It usually comes with chocalte chips and walnuts, but I had it "plain." Just the banana ice cream. Oh! So good! I really like banana ice cream when it's done right. This was done right. Banana taste was strong. Delicious!

Blueberry Lavender. Lavender? Yes, lavender! I was told that's an ingredient they need to travel a bit to get. It's pretty good! I'm a big blueberry fan and this was a nice twist. Certainly unique!

Fluffernutter. I literally just had a spoonful of this, but it was pretty good. It's probably a flavor I would never order myself, but it's good to steal some from someone else.

The final flavor I tried is the flavor I have fallen in love with. Since I tried it, I've been texting friends and family to tell them about it. It's a flavor I never would have tried on my own, but one of the owners suggested I try it.

I LOVE IT! Better than vanilla!

The flavor is Black Sesame. Yes, Black Sesame.

Again, I never would have ordered it on my own. Googling the flavor, I found that it's very popular in Japan.

Well, it's about to be popular in Northfield, New Jersey too!

Black Sesame.

The nuttiness of the toasted black sesame seed is just incredible. I feel like I've been searching for the ultimate ice cream and now I found it!

I bought a couple pints and brought them home, and I'm slowly savoring it. It is sooooo good!

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Google Maps

Thanks, Jersey Cow! I'll be back. (Click here for their menu.)

Again and again.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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