This is a very important question...where is the BEST steak dinner in Jersey?  I have my favorite spot, but I want to hear from YOU!

Photo by Emerson Vieira on Unsplash

Yes, there are some FANTASTIC steakhouses in New Jersey...I asked you who your favorites and here is what you said:

Analisa in Long Branch and Mike B. in Brick voted for The Butchers Block.  I hear this time and time again.  (By the way, there were lots of Jersey Shore cast sightings there from when "Big Daddy Sitch" lived in town).

Louis in South Jersey said he doesn't have to leave AC...he hits up Morton's Steakhouse...yum.

Matthew says The Capital Grille in the Cherry Hill Mall is his ultimate favorite...

These all sound and look fantastic but I think you also gotta try my favorite New Jersey Steak of all time...drumroll, please...Arthur's!

Every time my Dad is back in Jersey we take him there.  It has a cozy tavern feel and is perfect for a pint!

Shannon Holly's husband Tony with Shannon's Dad at Arthur's enjoying a pint Photo credit: Shannon Holly

This place has been a staple for me ever since I was a kid.  I would come home from college and head right to Arthurs for a "real meal" after eating dorm food for months.

Shannon Holly and her Dad at Arthur's. Photo credit: Shannon Holly

It always has been a family favorite and always will be!  Arthur's is that one place where your picture is on the wall and you always have a table.  Not only is the steak amazing, (you have to get the Delmonico...the local favorite) but they have one really cool feature that has me hooked.  There is always all-you-can-eat pickles and hot cherry peppers on your table which compliments the steak perfectly.  I may eat more of those than the actual steak!

Shannon Holly's family at Arthurs Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Family photos at Arthurs Photo credit: Shannon Holly

It is even perfect on date nights :-)

Shannon Holly and her husband, Tony at Arthur's Steakhouse in Morris Plains, New Jersey Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Also, I have to tell you, I'm a bit of an Irish coffee snob...many make it but not many master it. I don't know what it is, but Arthur's has the best I've ever had.  You get the sugar sprinkles even out of the holiday season btw.

Photo credit: Arthur's Tavern Menu

So let's make a deal, I'll try your favorite steak houses if you try mine!


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