I like Facebook. Probably a little too much for my own good.

I have almost 5,000 Facebook friends (Facebook limits me to 5,000) and more people simply follow me. For the most part, my Facebook page is public - meaning anyone can click on my Facebook page and see all my posts, whether they're a friend or not.

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If you're interested, come and friend me and/or follow me. The more the merrier! Here's where you'll find me. A lot of my friends are people that hear me on the radio - some have never heard me on the radio. Some of my friends I've met and recognize - most I have not met would not recognize. (Hey, when you see me, stop and introduce yourself, say "hello!") I have no friends filter - if you request my friendship I usually accept, unless you're a serial killer, your profile photo is you in lingerie (Chuck!), or you look like you just want to spam me.

So, everyday, I post stuff - often several times a day. I post a variety of things: legitimate news, articles that I write, interesting facts, but mostly I try to post funny sh**!

Let me explain the funny part: I post stuff that make me laugh! If you laugh, it's a bonus!

I post some original humor, but a lot of stuff I post I find and borrow.

Now, here's the thing: When I post what I think is funny stuff, some people don't get it. They don't think it's funny, or they just can't understand it. Again, that's OK. I'm trying to make myself laugh, not you.

The thing is, when some people don't understand something, they want me to explain it. They want me to tell them why it's funny. When that happens, it almost just takes the funny out of it.

The people who don't understand, some of them, they reach out to ask "Why?" They comment under the Facebook posts, but a lot of them message me directly or email me asking me to "please explain what the post means." It's like they want to laugh, but they can't get there yet.

I really respect and thank those of you for reaching out, but the truth is, I just can't explain everything all the time.


I've decided, since I have a little free time, I would go ahead and try to explain to folks why some of my most recent posts are, in fact, funny.

I almost feel like John Maddon working the Telestrator right now!

If you don't understand that reference, let me explain that first.

John Madden was a very good pro football coach, who became a TV football analyst once he left the football field. For over 20 years Madden was paired with Pat Summerall to provide TV commentary for NFL football games. In the years, Maddon became one of the very first users of the TV Telestrator. Technology allowed him to seemingly write on the TV screen as he described what was happening. This is a classic, funny moment from his broadcasting career:

So, let me try to break down a few of my Facebook posts in the way John Madden broke down the buckets.

This first post is my own self-written humorous post:

What it means and why it's funny:

On this particular day, a lot of people on social media were talking about feeling earthquakes or tremors all up and down the South Jersey Shore - especially in Atlantic and Cape May Counties.

While many said they felt it, some people felt left out and posted that they "felt nothing."

Well, I equated "not feeling anything" to sex. That is, people having sex and "not feeling anything." So, I suggested that the people who didn't feel anything - they should try "putting a pillow under their hips."  I have heard that doing this while spawning may provide some more, shall we say, feeling.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Do you get it now?

Here's another recent post.

I have a real hard time believing some people didn't get this!

The fireplace is made of wood. Wood burns! If you start a fire in a wood fireplace, THE WOOD FIREPLACE WILL CATCH ON FIRE!

OK, here's another funny post:

This man was a real baseball player. He pitched in a few years in the major leagues.

Tommy John surgery is the name of the surgical procedure that many baseball players get when they mess up their elbows. The surgery is actually named after a baseball player who was the first (or one of the first) to have this specific surgical procedure done.

Now, there's not really an "Elton John surgery." I made it up. I said this because his glasses look like glasses that singer Elton John might wear.

Palladium Stars
Getty Images

OK, one more. I received several requests wanting an explanation. I'm very surprised!

OK. This appears to be an actual photo. I have no way of knowing if it was staged or "by chance." The girls is lying down in an airport waiting areas. If you haven't been in an airport in a long time, the chairs are set up to prevent you from really lying down and relaxing. This girl looks like she was able to maneuver herself in between the chair armrests.

For someone who has seen the movie "Titanic" a bunch of times (like me), the way this girl is sprawled out is much like Rose (played by Kate Winslet) was sprawled out on a couch in the movie.  Rose asks Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) to "paint me like one of your French girls."

Get it now?

Well, thanks for reading. I hope this helped explain these posts to somebody.

See ya on the radio - and on Facebook!

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