This is my 6th time doing one of these The Internet Made Me Do It and as I began I thought to myself at what point do I say this is too weird, I've gone too far?

I think the answer to that question is (to quote Mean Girls) the limit does not exist. I really don't think it does. We past the point of no return (a Phantom of the Opera reference right there) when I put kitty litter on my face.

The internet is a vast and mysterious place, full of life's oddities. Rather than roll my eyes that the internet's strange content, I decided to dive in and try it all. This week I cooked with an iron...

No, not a cast iron pan. I cooked with a clothes iron. Thank goodness my family doesn't really use our iron. We kind of abandoned that when we got the steamer. Left it to collect dust in the cabinet, like a forgotten toy after Christmas. Granted we don't really use the steamer either... How wrinkled are our clothes?? I digress.

I took some food, aluminum foil, and my iron and got to work cooking a gourmet meal of grilled cheese, pizza, bacon, and eggs. Don't deny it your mouth just watered and tummy rumbled. Did it work? Watch to find out!

Watch It Here:

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