Here we are. Round two of The Internet Made Me Do It, this time I took a crack at a kitty litter face mask. The results were shocking.

I decided there is nothing that can top putting kitty litter on my face on a weirdness scale. Never the less, that is just what I did. In my second video for The Internet Made Me Do It series, I went to the deep dark places of YouTube to find the oddest hack. Why try something average when you can make people look at you like you have five heads?

I've seen a few beauty bloggers do the kitty litter face mask and read a few articles to make sure I wouldn't destroy my skin. I sat down in the studio, made myself a kitty litter concoction, and tested out this beauty "hack".

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist this video is just my opinion.

Comment on the video what hacks I should try next.

Watch what happened here:

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