Starbucks has come out with another limited edition Frappuccino. Usually these limited edition drinks center around a holiday, but this one seems a bit random. The Frappuccino, according to is, "A mystical, swirling peach flavored whipped cream, turquoise sprinkles and one of three different candy gems that reveal your fortune (not even your barista knows what your future holds)."

I had high hopes for this drink because Starbucks, up until this point, had yet to let me down. I guess there is first time for everything...

I picked up my Crystal Ball Frappuccino this morning at my local Starbucks and was created by purple sugar crystals. I had to look up on Starbucks's Instagram account what that meant. Apparently, purple crystals means magic, blue means adventure, and green means luck. Not sure how that's a fortune, but we'll roll with it.

Over all I was very underwhelmed with the Frappuccino. I would put it on the same level as the Unicorn Frapp that was released last spring. Both were super sugary and sweet, but disappointing.

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