What else are you doing these days besides binge-watching Netflix?

Nothing much, right? That makes you already 50% qualified for the job. A dog-friendly CBD oil company called Spruce has launched a search for the ultimate dog-lover. You have one job: to binge-watch a bunch of Disney's best dog movies and take notes on their similarities.

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You'll have to choose ten out of a list of 15 films and watch them all within 30 days. The catch? You'll have to feel comfortable with documenting the entire thing via social media. The prizes are pretty awesome though. In addition to a Spruce gift box, you'll also receive a free year of Disney+, a subscription to BarkBox for your fur baby, oh, & the best prize: $1,000.

Not too bad of a deal, right? You only have til the end of the month to enter, though. Get the details HERE.

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