Yes, I can have a temper from time to time.

My temper tends to show it's ugly head most when I'm driving.

(I try to reign in my temper when I'm behind the wheel of our radio station, vehicle. You know, the one with our radio station name all printed all over the truck!)

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On this day, I was driving my own car, and my temper showed it's ugly head.

I flipped a female driver off.

Yep, through up the official New Jersey state bird right in front of her.

The thing is, I'm not sorry.

(Oh, if you're God, and you're reading this, I am sorry, I guess)

Anyway, here's what happened. I was driving on Ridge Avenue, pulling up to the stop sign at West Jersey Avenue, waiting for cross-traffic on West Jersey to thin out so I could make a left turn.

(If your travels ever take you on West Jersey Avenue, you know it's like a NASCAR track sometimes. Trying to turn onto the road from a cross street? Good luck! The whole area is constantly dotted with accidents that happen when people try to navigate the racetrack.)

So, I pulled up to the stop sign and stopped and waiting for cross traffic. I was clearly at the intersection before anyone was stopped at the stop sign opposite me. By like 30 seconds. I was sitting there waiting and waiting.

Just as I saw a clearing, I got ready - my turn was about to come!

It was at this time, that I saw a car come opposite me and stop at the opposite stop sign.

There it was! My opening!

I started to make my left turn, when all of a sudden, so did the car opposite me!

I was turning left and she was going straight. I braked, beeped my horn and flipped her the bird all in one swift motion, using all of the my arms and legs to complete the task.

Thankfully, she stopped and there was no collision.

I continued my turn, and cussed her out at the top of my lungs!

"I was there first," was the only non-swear-thing I said.

But, I was! I was there first. I was at the stop sign first, long before she got there.

Doesn't she know the rules? Doesn't she know the laws> It doesn't matter if you're going straight or turning, the first person who gets to the stop sign and stops gets to make the first move - he or she gets to "GO!"

Don't believe me? Think I'm wrong? Google it!

Wait. Here. I did it for you.

I googled "Who gets to go first at a stop sign", and here's what came up first:

"The first car to pull up to the stop sign is the first car that gets to proceed. If cars are all stopping at the intersection at different times, each should proceed through in the order they arrived. It doesn't matter which direction a car is going either."

That's from The first car to stop is the first car to go. That was me. I win.

Next time, I'll explain why I flip people off that go slow in the left lane!

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