1. Your Mom's House!

Kidding, just kidding.

What is a snob?

According to Merriam-Webster, a snob is "one who blatantly imitates, fawningly admires, or vulgarly seeks association with those regarded as social superiors."

Yes, a snob is someone who thinks they are better than you.

We can probably all name some New Jersey cities that are "snobby." We can also name some snobby people, right?

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Rather than give you my opinion, or yours, let's base this list on facts. Or, facts determined and interpreted by someone else.

The folks at the website, Roadsnacks, have put together a list, so let's use theirs!

In determining the list, editors say they "measured snobby things."

Oh, yeah. OK.

Here's how they came up with their list:

"We used Saturday Night Science to look at things like expensive homes, high incomes, and overly educated populations by city in New Jersey. These are the criteria you’d argue with a friend over a foodie dinner about who’s snobbier.

After analyzing 177 of the state’s most populous areas over 5,000 people, we came up with this ranking of the ten snobbiest places in the state of New Jersey."

I had no idea what Saturday Night Science meant. I found a definition on their sister website, Homesnacks. Basically, it means Transparent, Trustworthy, Tested, and Timeless.

I think that's also the motto of the Cub Scouts.

Anyway, let's get to the list of the Snobbiest Places in New Jersey!

#1 is Rumson. Here's why: The median income in Rumson is $239,188. The median home price is over $1.3 Million!

Hey, they ARE better than everyone else! LOL!

Google Maps
Google Maps

#2 is Chatham, followed by Englewood Cliffs, Tenafly, and Franklin Lakes.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The next five are Ridgewood, Fair Haven, Glen Ridge, Upper Saddle River, and Woodcliff Lake.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you'd like to visit these places, be forewarned. You'll have to have a recent payment stub and present it at the border.

That's a joke. A bad one.

On the other side of the coin are the Most Laid Back Places in New Jersey. Topping that list (or the opposite of snobby) are Salem, Camden, and Bridgeton.

What do you think? Did they get it right?

You can check out more information here.

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