To conceive twins is already considered rare. It's especially rare if you don't have a history of twins in your family.

What if you have no record of twins ever existing in your family only to find out you're expecting more than one bundle of joy?

Let's take that a step further. There's no history of twins in your family, but when you go for your checkup you're told that you've actually conceived TRIPLETS! That's exactly what happened to Becki-Jo Allen of Liverpool, UK.

Allen has absolutely no history of twins in her family, yet found out that she was expecting triplets. Once her triplets, three boys named Rohan, Roman, and Rocco, were born, people couldn't stop talking about how they looked so incredibly similar - even more so than most triplets. With each passing month, the boys looked more and more identical.

Allen finally decided to get a DNA test. The test showed that the boys were, in fact, identical triplets. The odds of an egg splitting three times comes out to 200 million to one. Let that sink in. Two hundred million babies are conceived before there's even a chance of identical triplets.

The boys are now around three years old and reportedly have very different personalities. Realizing that no one can predict when something like this will happen again is what makes their story so amazing.

You can follow the beautiful journey of Rohan, Roman, and Rocco here! Check out Becki-Jo Allen's full story below!

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