Can someone please explain how this even happens?

How could someone possibly forget to take their baby with them when boarding the plane? According to, that's exactly what happened to a woman in Saudi Arabia.

Apparently, the woman forgot (???) her baby when she boarded a plane that's final destination should have been Kuala Lumpur. The phrase "should have been" is used because only once the plane was in-flight did the mother realized that she left her child at the gate back in the city of Jeddah.

The mother, naturally, was frantic and demanded the pilot to turn around. The plane had to then turn back mid-way to their destination and head back to the city from which they took off. reports that a video was posted to various social media sites in which you can hear the pilot and the air traffic controllers discussing the situation. Apparently, someone in the discussion says that this situation is definitely something they haven't seen before.....

Sure hope not, for their sake! Those poor passengers....


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