We all love our pets, but be honest, sometimes they're not the brightest tools in the box.

They sure do make us laugh, though. Going through social media, I stumbled upon this hilarious thread of pictures depicting what we've all experienced with our pets, especially our dogs, at some point or another. The Animal and Pet Tube Facebook page compiled pics from Snapchat that people captured of some pretty funny pet moments. I can honestly say I was cracking up by the second picture. They're too good not to share.

I can't even take the one with the caption about the stick. TOO STINKIN' FUNNY!

They may drive us crazy sometimes, but would you rather have it any other way? Chances are, probably not. Pets not be the most convenient or the cheapest, but no matter what they do, no matter how ridiculous they are some days, there's nothing that beats coming home to your furry best friend after a hard day at work or in the office.

I'd choose to clean up anything my pets accidentally broke any time...

That pic is too good, right?? LOL!

Source: Facebook

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