So, this isn't an advice column. I am NOT suggesting you hide from your nagging wife, but one guy did do that. He did that for 10 years.

This story has rom-com movie written all over it.

Malcolm Applegate, a British man, just got up and left one day and never turned back.

Applegate, who is now 62 years old, explained that after 3 years of marriage his wife and he argued constantly about the fact he worked too much. Applegate worked as a gardener and at first his wife was fine with his job, but after a while it got to her.

He continued to say that his wife demanded that he cut back on how much he worked.

He did not tell anyone he was leaving, not friends, not family, and of course not his wife. After 3 years of marriage Applegate left his home in Birmingham and went to London.

He walked most of the way to London because his bike was stolen during his journey.

Yes, this man thought hey my wife is annoying me so let me go live in the woods...

warm sunbeams in autumn forest

To make money Applegate worked at community garden at a community center. He lived in the woods for 10 years with two other people.

After 10 years he finally reached out to his sister with a letter.

His sister had searched for him during his time away and according to Applegate they now have a "great relationship."


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