This year must have been one of the hardest St. Jude families have ever had to endure.

Not only are they dealing with their child's life potentially hanging in the balance due to childhood cancer, but now they even have to worry about their other children that don't have cancer potentially becoming infected with the coronavirus. Imagine dealing with that kind of anxiety every single day. For St. Jude families, that's been their life ever since the pandemic began.

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It's an unimaginable time when you're solely focusing on getting your child better from cancer, but combining it with the threat of COVID-19? Unfathomable. The St. Jude families, especially the moms and dads, are true inspirations. The strength they have and the hope and faith they've placed in the doctors and nurses during this time is, truly, a beautiful thing.

That's why, if you've ever been wondering when is the right time for you to join the fight, for you to become a Partner In Hope, let me be the first to tell you - that day is today. The innovations St. Jude has made to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic within the hospital are remarkable, but the grit of the parents amid the health crisis.... now, that's what's inspirational.

Imagine trying to parent your other children amid an environment in which one of your children is fighting for his or life against childhood cancer. Then, add the elements of the pandemic to that equation (like trying to force your younger children to keep their masks on) - can you even picture it?

To the St. Jude parents who feel like they're flying solo amid the COVID-19 pandemic - you're not alone. Trust me, we see you. Your struggle is not going unnoticed. Your children are warriors. They're facing something most of us will never ever even come close to facing in our lifetime. Your strength is noted and valued. Stay strong for your babies. Let us, the Partners In Hope, handle the rest.

If you find yourself saying "Amen" to my sentiments above, make sure to become a St. Jude Partner-In-Hope today by calling 1-800-372-4999.

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