I'm born and raised in South Jersey. However, if you're like me and have had the privilege of venturing outside of our oh-so-luxurious state to hear the comments made by non-South Jerseyans-- You'll quickly realize they're obviously confused and severely mystified by the very idea of our state and its divide.

Given, yes, our state is a mystery, an enigma, "the armpit of the US" if you will... In which case, the people inside are constantly misunderstood, underrated, and presumed to be exactly like "the Jersey Shore stigma"

Of all the 50 states in our great country, New Jersey hands down takes-the-cake for the most opinions and assumptions.

My theory is that everyone wants to BE us, which is why EVERYONE thinks they know something about New Jersey.

In light of this and my exhaustion in answering these questions over and over and ove.... again;  I have compiled a list of the top 10 stupidest comments and questions non-South Jerseyans make about South Jersey:


  • 1

    “Have you ever been to the Jersey Shore?”

    Rachel: Yes, in fact, you probably have too. FYI--The Jersey Shore expands well beyond just Seaside Heights and the MTV show. You know, we are a costal state, right?  So like that's nice of you to ask. NOT. 

  • 2

    “Do you know Snooki?”

    Rachel: Amongst the 1,250,569 people that live in South Jersey, I'll say no... See number one.

  • 3

    “You're from Jersey? You don't have an accent!”

  • 4

    "What exit are you?"

    Rachel: Dude I don't know... NO ONE here goes by exits. Go back to North Jerz.

  • 5

    “Sorry About Chris Christie”

    Rachel: He's gone, and so are you! Bye Bye.

  • 6

    “What do you get on your Subs?”

    Rachel: My hoagie preference is none of your business, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  • 7

    “Why do you eat at that gas station? ”

    Rachel: Wawa is SO much more than a gas station...but if you need me to clarify I hate to even compare it to a glamorized, luxurious, and heavenly 7/11.

  • 8

    “Why are you an Eagles Fan when you're from Jersey? Front-runner!”

    Rachel:  Call me a frontrunner again and I'll call up Uncle Tony, Luigi, Johnny and cousin Vinny to show you where South Jersey and Philadelphia meet.

  • 9

    "Hey! What's Up! Fist Pump!"

    Rachel: I'll fist pump you in the head by accident...then say "hello how are you" with a handshake.

  • 10

    “Where do you get your bagels?"

    Rachel: Um...Dunkin?

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