Apparently the "Cape May Bubble" took a few days off back in 1899.

If you never heard of the Cape May Bubble it's a possible (never scientifically proven) weather phenomenon that steers severe weather away from Cape May. (We could be talking about the City of Cape May or Cape May County - whatever theory you may subscribe to.)

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Anyway, in February of 1899, Mother Nature dumped a ton of snow on the City of Cape May. The storm, which lasted from February 11 - 14 gave Cape May 34 inches of snow - the most snow ever to fall in one place in New Jersey from one storm.  That information is from New Jersey State Climatologist David Robinson, as published on

The southern part of New Jersey also can claim the most rain in one place in a 24-hour period. Tuckerton received 14.81 inches of rain from August 19 - 20, 1939.

Definitely some extreme weather!

Check out more extreme weather in New Jersey and the rest of the country below.

Be safe, New Jersey!

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