2018 didn't start off as planned for a couple of pet owners here in New Jersey.

What they thought would be a typical grooming session for their dogs turned into a pet owners horror story...

According to People.com, Danielle DiNapoli claims that she dropped off her 8-year-old bulldog named Scruffles for a grooming session on Dec. 29th at 9:45 am to a PetSmart in Flemington, when she received a phone call around 10:30 am from the store letting her know that her dog had been taken to a local veterinary hospital due to a "medical emergency"

People.com says that Danielle raced to the vet, but the bulldog was dead when she arrived. The vet told her that Scruffles was dead on arrival to the hospital, and that staff performed CPR but the attempts were unsuccessful.

People.com also says that Danielle claims,

No PetSmart employees were at the veterinary hospital when she arrived and that she has not been able to contact the groomer that cared for Scruffles while PetSmart conducts an investigation into the incident. She and her husband also say that attempts to contact the corporation have been equally frustrating.

Danielle has created a Facebook page called Justice for Scruffles where others have expressed their frustrations towards the company

And apparently, Danielle isn't the only pet owner in New Jersey who's had a similar experience to this with her pet at the same PetSmart location...

Tara Fiet, says that her dog died on Christmas eve, just two days after his visit to the Flemington PetSmart for a grooming session.

Ranger came home and was very lethargic but I (stupidly) made the assumption that he was tired from the holiday excitement and his grooming. Ranger died suddenly and unexpectedly on Sunday night. He had no previous health issues and had just been to the vet 2 months earlier.

As of now, there have been no advancements in the investigation as PetSmart awaits a necropsy report to determine what could have happened to the animal before or during the grooming appointment.

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