Jahna Michal had an the chance of a lifetime yesterday.

She got to go up in the Army Golden Knights' plane and watch them practice for the Atlantic City Airshow happening today!

While it's true that the Golden Knights are brave men who jump out of planes all day, they also have another trick up their sleeves - they make some of the best dad jokes. Check it out:

Now, it's little hard to hear since, ya know... we were thousands of feet in the air... in an airplane... with the doors open. So hear's the "closed captioned" version if you couldn't understand them...

  • 1

    Joke Number One

    1: "Did you need any references to get this job?"

    2: "No, I just have friends in high places."

    Lol they get even better though...

  • 2

    Joke Number Two

    1: "I love your jumpsuit, man. That's sick."

    2: "Thanks, dude. It's the latest in fall fashion."

    Because they fall out airplanes.... Facepalm. Ha!

  • 3

    Joke Number Three

    Final joke of the day was...

    "We used to have an in-flight movie: Gone With The Wind. But, we never finished it."

    Alright alright lol! They're too much.

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