It's triathlon weekend in the Wildwoods!

Let's start this off with complete transparency: I'm not a runner. I enjoy running on the treadmill at the gym, but you couldn't PAY ME to run outside consistently. If you're asking me to run outside in the kind of heat we've been experiencing here in South Jersey lately, you're going to receive a solid 'no' from me.

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The Stampone Law 'Tri the Wildwoods' Triathlon is definitely not for the faint of heart. Not only will these athletes be running over three miles on Saturday, July 24th, but they'll also have to bike ten miles on top of that plus have nice little dip in the North Wildwood waters in the form of a 1/3 mile stroke. Athletes from not only the South Jersey region, but from all over the country are headed their way to the Wildwoods as we speak to get ready for the big day.

If you catch me in the Wildwoods tomorrow, it definitely won't be for that. You'll probably find me on the beach with a drink in my hand. If you see me running, make sure you ask me what I'm running from or if I'm okay. If I'm running in the heat like that, it's because something's not right. In fact, make sure nobody's chasing me, hah!

The triathlon event taking place tomorrow is a legitimate "USA triathlon sanctioned event" according to Wildwood 365, even drawing in some pretty big names in the Olympic world including a Wildwood native USAT Olympian Joe Maloy.

Good luck to all the competitors! 2 words for you: God Bless. I could never...


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