Have you every looked around and asked yourself, "What was it like around here 80 years ago?"

This is some fabulous footage shared from the YouTube channel of John Conning.

The video includes home movies shot in Millville in the 1940s. (For you kids, we'll will call it "Long before Mike Trout was born!")

The quality of the videos is awesome, and you really get a feel of what was going on in Millville and Cumberland County back in the 1940s.

All aspects of life in the day are touched on, with different events being the primary focus. The film really does show you around town.

While some of the events in the film are explained with graphics, I wonder about what all the kids are doing, running down the streets and into the field? That's a lot of kids If you know, let me know! (Was it an Easter egg hunt of some sort?)

I wonder if some of what we see here was actually staged to be filmed. (Kids, before there was video, there was film!)

The annual MIllville-Vineland football game is shown, and, again, much much more!

It's easy to see that in the 1940's Millville revolved around it's community! Hello, Millville!

Enjoy this look at Millivlle in the 1940s! I think it's just amazing!

Wait, there's more! While not from the same source, here's another video of Millville - this one from the 1950s:

Thanks for taking the time to check out these video. Again, I'm very impressed at what I see here.

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SOURCE YouTube channel of John Conning.

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