I am so excited for this!!!

I have always been creative when it came to my hair. I use the phrase "I am not attached to my hair whatsoever" when I talk to people about my hair. I have been coloring my hair since I was in 8th grade when I got chunky highlights. Eat your heart out 2002 Kelly Clarkson. I have had every shade of brown, black, red, and blonde. Plus I've had lavender, pink, gray, and teal hair. I have had my hair so long it was past my butt and I've had a super short pixie cut like Tinker Bell. I've had it all.

I've been asked before what if you color it so much it falls out. My response is always that I'll just wear a wig.

TSM Chelsea Corrine

I was scrolling through YouTube when I saw Safiya Nygaard had done a video where her subscribers chose her hair color. I immediately fell in love with the idea. I am going to do this just like she did. Safiya gave her subscribers four options to choose from and vote on. She was not allowed to look at the poll numbers throughout the voting process. Her boyfriend tallied the numbers and sent the winning hair color to the salon.

Safiya did not know what color won until her hair was completely done. This is exactly what I am going to do. I won't know the winning style and color until my hair is completely done. Safiya chose her four colors herself, I did not. I sat down with the stylists at Pigtails Hair Salon in Somers Point for a consultation and for them to choose my style and color.

Last week I sat with Melissa, Casey, Lori, and Erin of Pigtails Hair Salon to talk with them about what I had in mind and so they could see my hair. We talked about what I had done to my hair in the past, my likes and dislikes (there are no dislikes), and reassured them that I am truly up for anything. They felt my hair and took photos of it to help make the decisions. Each stylist chose a color and style.

Look through the hairstyles, then scroll down to vote!

Hair #1 (Dark Chocolate Bob):




Stylist 1 (I don't know who picked what) chose a dark chocolate bob for me. Since I have done quite a bit to my hair in the past, she wants to make my hair look and feel healthy. She wants my hair to look super shiny.

Hair #2 (Layered Sunset):

Stylist #2 will chop off a few inches, angle the hair, and add layers. The colors remind me a bit of the Instagram logo or a sunset. The top is dark with pinks, oranges, and yellows starting a few inches from the roots.

Hair #3 (Gray and Blue Angled Bob):

Stylist #3 chose a very short angled bob, or long pixie depending on who you ask. Depending on what phone or computer you have, this color may appear more purple or more blue in the picture shown. The stylist wants to do a gray root that gradually fades into a dark blue at the ends.

Hair #4 (Shoulder Length Red/Violet with Warm Blonde Highlighted Bangs)

Pigtails Hair Salon


Adobe Stock



The 4th stylist drew a picture to show what she was thinking. She wants my hair to be shoulder length with dramatic side sweep bangs. For color she chose a deep red/violet with warm blonde highlights on the bangs only.

Now it's up to you to decide which style and color you think I should have. I will not know what you vote for until it is already done. I will film the process and my reaction to your choice.