You rub me the wrong way and I don't forget - especially at the voting booth.

So, here's the scenario - and maybe I'm being a little crazy here, so I'll let you vote after my story.

When I stepped outside my front door this morning at 3:55am, I immediately noticed something under the windshield wiper of my car. It was on the driver's side, so it had to be placed there while my car was parked - I certainly wouldn't drive around with it under my windshield.

My first thought.... "Oh it's a love note from my wife!"


It was an advertisement from a candidate for the Egg Harbor Township School Board.

Under my windshield. In my driveway.

Mind you, the same driveway where someone has, in the past, broken into a car and stolen items.

I honestly feel violated that someone slipped into my driveway in the night (Well - the time change, so, in the dark) and put this under my windshield.


I retraced my steps and remembered that I was out yesterday, and returned home at about 6:30pm. It was dark, and the car was in the driveway from 6:30pm until I walked out at 3:55am.

So, sometime, in the dark, someone put this under my windshield.

Did they knock on the front door? I was home! If they didn't, why not? Or was it too late? Or, was the plan all along to just put it under my windshield?

It was too early to check with my neighbors - or their cars, so I haven't.

Why not leave the ad by my front door? Under the welcome mat or something?

Long story short, I'm offended, and this has turned me off from voting for this candidate.

I've chosen to not name the candidate because... well, I don't know, I've just chosen not to.

So, tell me what you think, and let me know if I'm over thinking this. Certainly, comment if  this happened to you!

***UPDATE: A representative of the campaign in question called me this morning and stated that the volunteers for the candidate DO NOT go onto private property, including people's driveways. He suggested that possibly someone else had placed the advertisement there.

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