If you have wondered if they ever really see any whales on those whale watching tours out of Cape May, the answer is a big yes!

Big as in a 50-foot long humpback whale, who put on a 20-minute show for a tour boat from Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center off the coast of Wildwood Sunday afternoon.

Here is their Facebook posting and video of the amazing close whale encounter...

Today we had an AMAZING encounter with a very friendly, very large, 50ft, HUMPBACK whale! This whale treated us to numerous close approaches, circling our vessel! Please note, we were of course abiding by all whale watching regulations and guidelines set for us by Whale SENSE and NOAA Fisheries. Our engines were in neutral for over twenty minutes while our whale treated us to a once in a lifetime display!
Join us next weekend by calling (609)-898-0055, visit www.capemaywhalewatch.com

Here's more from Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG...

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