Remember those long thin ice pops you has as a kid? They were in a plastic sleeve and came in a bunch of flavors? Well, this is like that, but pickle.

Attention all pickle lovers, you may just like these.

I like trying weird foods I find on the internet. Why? The better question is why not!

I was strolling through the new Walmart in EHT buying a new phone charger, a car air freshener, and other random things like most people do strolling through Walmart. I walked down the pickle aisle, yes I am calling it the pickle aisle watch the video you'll get it, and Pickle-Ice caught my eye. I had seen them in a ton of articles online and thought to myself, well I have to try these things out.

etailz via Amazon
etailz via Amazon

I grabbed my brother Kyle, who has become my cohort when it comes to testing out food, and tried Pickle-Ice.

Were they good?

Did they taste like pickles?

Watch our pickle pop experience here: (I promise the audio gets better in the video)

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