Another holiday, another Starbucks limited edition drink. As always I went to Starbucks to test out this new drink and give the good people of the internet my thoughts on it.

For Valentine's Day, Starbucks have released a cherry mocha latte. The drink comes in both iced and hot forms. After checking their website out I found they also carry it in their signature frappuccino.

According to their website, "Our new Cherry Mocha Duo, only here for a limited time, tastes even better when you pick up one for your sweetie, your friend…or whomever you call valentine."

Or you could be like and got two for myself. I am my own Valentine.

Okay, back to the drink...

At first the flavors were really confusing; the mix of cherry, chocolate, and coffee threw my tongue for a loop. I didn't know what to think at first. Did I like it? Did I not? Was I very unsure? I can answer that last question for you, yes I was very unsure.

How'd it taste? Find out!

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