If you find yourself in Atlantic City, luckily, there are many places to go potty. By many places, I don't mean, stairwells, under the Boardwalk, or in an alley.

In Atlantic City, there are literally bathrooms everywhere! All the casinos have them, and they won't top you from using them.

Is that really a good solution though? Wouldn't you feel better if you went to the bathroom in a place just like home?

On cue, please welcome "Posh Stow and Go"! It's a private place where you can go to the bathroom in peace - and, cleanliness. "Posh, Stow and Go" is a new company that will soon open a private members only bathroom in New York City. They have hopes of expanding to other areas, maybe even Atlantic City!

You can purchase a membership (for $15 a year) that allows you to purchase bathroom packages that will suit your fancy.

Oh, I forgot... the Stow part of the name? They have private lockers for you to store packages and stuff for the day while you wonder around the city.

Back to the membership plans. One you are a card-carrying Go member, you can choose packages that let you use the restrooms as ofter as you want in 3, 6, or 8 day packages, for as little as $6 a day.

Your own private bathroom - only used by other people willing to pay for the pleasure, just like you.

Talk about pissing your money away....

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