Let's face it, as parents, it's not likely you're too keen on your children or teenagers spending a huge amount of time on social media.

For one, it can be toxic. Gone are the days when bullying stopped as soon as the school day was over. Now, it follows children and teens everywhere thanks to Instagram, Snapchat, etc. While that's entirely true, a recent dangerous situation that, luckily, had a happy ending, could've had a different and much grimmer outcome if it weren't for one social media platform: TikTok.

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TikTok is a social media platform in a lane all its own. Sure, there are plenty of silly trends, mind-numbing videos, and stupid videos to be found on the app. However, TikTok is also full of useful information, too. One teen specifically is super lucky that she landed on a space within the app that taught her a lesson that has since proven to be invaluable.

Multiple sources have reported that a teen from North Carolina was abducted and then rescued all thanks to a tip she picked up from TikTok. She learned a hand gesture that signifies distress and domestic violence and was able to flash it to random drivers as she was traveling with her kidnapper along a Kentucky highway. Luckily, one driver was able to spot it and call the police. She has since made it home safe and is reunified with her family.

So, the next time you want to limit your kid or teen's time on social media, just know that it's not all bad all the time. There is always a chance that they'll discover something that could be used to their advantage in the future.

Source: 6abc.com

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