If you're ever been on one of the historic tours in Philadelphia, you're probably seen some cool old stuff.

The Liberty Bell, historic buildings, classic statues - all remembrances of Philadelphia's place in America history.

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One of those historic "things" has been stolen, and no one really knows when it was taken - or how it was taken.

No, it wasn't the Liberty Bell. And, no, it isn't the plot the next "National Treasure" movie series.

Someone stole a 300 pound cannon, and no one apparently has any idea exactly what happened.

According to 6ABC, the cannon was stolen from Fort Mifflin. It was a working cannon which sat on a 14-foot wall surrounding the fort. Whoever stole it must have had an elaborate plan:

So, if you happen to attend a Fourth of July party this summer in someone's backyard, and they have a working cannon, you might have an idea where it came from.


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