How long should you wait to meet your match on Tinder, face-to-face?

These student's from Kent State University in Ohio, Josh and Michelle, waited 3 YEARS to meet after swiping right.


I'm gonna host a "Rachel Rant" for a second and say:

You go to the same college...
Is it really that hard to coordinate a meeting spot under a tree or something?

But nope, they had to make it just a tad more extravagant by first making their story viral. The duo had been messaging sporadically over the past few years by simply sending jokes as to why it has taken each other so long to respond to one another.

As adorable as these two are, and has happy as we are for them; Should it really have take them 3 years to meet when they are literally on the same campus?! #millennials
(I can say that cause I'm a millennial) 

Question: Have you been in a Tinder relationship and if so, how long did it take you to meet?

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