It's no secret that when a celebrity endorses a product, people are a lot more likely to purchase said product. Have you ever thought about the psychology behind that fact?

Think about it.

If there's been a certain level of trust established between a celebrity and their fans, then those fans are going to be a lot more favorable disposed to a product that celebrity believes in simply because they have a pseudo-relationship with that celebrity in particular. That's especially true with social media in today's digital age.

People get famous on the internet everyday. Becoming a social media influencer is now a viable career. Who could've seen that coming in 2005?

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Make one Youtube video and you could pop off overnight. You go from a nobody to famous in less than 24 hours and then, BOOM! Your life changes forever.

ANYBODY can be famous these days. That means that ANYBODY can endorse a product. Nowadays, though, celebrities seem to be creating their own products in record speeds compared to decades past.

A new survey has determined the most popular celebrity-owned brands in every state. When it comes to the most popular brand in New Jersey, I have to admit that I was less than pleased after hearing that news.

No, it's not anything owned by the Kardashians. As a matter of fact, it's actually the energy drink brand by Logan Paul. If you've never heard of him, he's a Youtuber-turned-WWE performer that's got his own brand of energy drinks called Prime Hydration.

Listen, I'll be the first to admit that I LOVE energy drinks. I drink at least one almost every day. I'm not so much disappointed in his product as much as I am in his potential clientele. Kids are fans of Logan Paul. It's not that he specifically caters his content towards them or anything. It's more about kids watching things on Youtube they shouldn't be exposed to just yet. For that, I blame the parents.

What worries me is that because Logan Paul has some pretty young fans, they're the ones drinking those energy drinks the most frequently. The ingredients include 200 milligrams of caffeine! That's more than 2x the amount of milligrams in a Monster Energy Drink.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

The label does explicitly say that the drink should not be consumed by anyone under 18 years of age, but nobody pays attention to the labels. I'm not blaming Logan Paul; I'm just worried about the safety of the kids here in the Garden State. I wish parents would be more invested in what they allow their kids to consume on a daily basis.


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