A national website, Roadsnacks, has named Wildwood the most dangerous city in New Jersey, and the Mayor or Wildwood says it's completely wrong.

Mayor Ernie Troiano, in a phone call this morning, said that the "facts and figures" used by Roadsnacks to come up with their number are very skewed, not taking into account the millions of visitors to Wildwood each year.

"In Camden, there are shootings and killings every day. Trenton, and Newark... all those inner cities - and then you have Wildwood, where you can literally walk down the streets any time of day or night and not have any problem. Nine Million people come to the island every year and they (Roadsnacks) divide the crime by the 5,700 people who live in Wildwood."

Troiano says he talked with people from Roadsnacks and asked them if they were familiar with Wildwood and they responded, "We don't even know where Wildwood is at."

"They don't know Wildwood, they could care less", says Troiano.

Troiano says he challenges anyone "to come to Wildwood anytime day of night and walk the streets and tell me that Wildwood is the most dangerous city in New Jersey."

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