It almost feels too early to have to even give this topic any thought, but here we are. Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away?

While the holidays are always an exciting time here in the Garden State, now is the time to start solidifying plans for the season. Prepare to be busier than ever as most people will be resuming with pre-pandemic-style festivities for the holidays this year.

Now, for one of the most important questions that enters everyone's minds this time of year. Do you think we'll see any snow by the time the holidays roll around? Last year, Atlantic and Cape May counties saw quite a bit of the stuff in comparison to recent years.

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While the experts have said that New Jersey, in general, can likely expect to see more winter precipitation this year than they did last year, there's no guarantee that we'll see any snowfall by Christmas here in South Jersey or at the Jersey Shore. The coastline and bordering towns here in the Garden State are weird like that. You might see a few inches thirty-five minutes inland from the beach towns, but then the beaches and surrounding towns won't even see a single flurry.

Those of us who've lived in this area for a few years are used to that reality. Still, it'd be nice to have a wintery white Christmas for a change. According to the Farmers Almanac, this year, the northeast is more likely to see rain rather than snow for the holidays. Considering it's been a pretty warm fall so far, that makes sense. Who knows if it'll even be cold enough by then to see any flurries in this part of the country.

You can check out their predictions for yourself HERE.


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