Did you experience that gnarly thunderstorm on Friday afternoon?

I happened to be passing through Burlington and Camden Counties when a got caught in some pretty severe weather that I was NOT expecting. It started to pour - hard. I was driving down Kings Highway in Cherry Hill when my level of visibility went from great to virtually nonexistent in no time flat.

Since I wasn't prepared for the storm, it caught me pretty off-guard. The visibility was so bad that I had to pull over because I, quite literally, could not even see three feet in front of me.

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All of a sudden, I heard a bunch of hard crashes on the top of my car. They kept coming one after another after another. It only took a minute or two before I realized what the source of the crashes were. It was hailing in the middle of May right here in South Jersey. Is it unheard of for us to experience hail in this region this time of year? No. However, by the comments made about it on social media, I can see that I wasn't the only one not expecting weather that severe today.

I decided to hop online and do some research once I arrived back at home to see if I could find any information that might reveal just how big some of those hail stones were. They hit my car HARD, so I knew they had to be a decent size.

Sources have said that hail stones almost 3 inches in diameter were reported from the area through which I was driving. They were actually about 2.5 inches, and the largest recorded in the area ever measured 3 inches. So, to say these were pretty significant stones is an accurate statement.

While hail isn't unheard of here in South Jersey, hail stones that size are pretty rare. Even the expert say so.

So, was anybody else driving through that storm? If so, message us on the Cat Country 107.3 app to let us know if you drove through the hail.

Source: NJ.com

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