I know you've always wanted to do it. Goat Yoga is coming to Laurita Winery and you know what that means...there will be wine too.
Tell your friends. Wine and Goat Yoga is happening Saturday, July 22nd. There will be three sessions; 11am - Noon, 12:15pm - 1:15pm and 1:30pm - 2:30pm. An hour is plenty of time for the cute little goats to climb on aboard your back. Haha.
Here's the schedule: 45 minutes of outdoor goat yoga with a certified yoga instructor (from Tom's River Yoga) and the last 15 minutes of the session will be saved for taking pics with your new goat friend and "snuggle time" if you'd like.
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If you've ever taken a yoga class before, you know to dress comfortably. Goat yoga is no different. You'll need to bring your own yoga mat and pull your hair back too.
Here's the funniest tip from Laurita Winery: "Avoid tank tops and anything dangling as the 'kids' love to nibble" Ha ha. Nibble? Oh my. Too funny.
I'm betting this is going to be a popular event, so get your ticket early. It's $40 per ticket and each ticket includes a free glass of wine. How can you resist? Click here for tickets.
You can really up your Instagram game with pics and you and your besties doing goat yoga. I've always wanted to try it. A few of my friends have done it and absolutely loved it.
You'll love this too. A portion of the proceeds from this fun event will go to the care of over 60 rescues at the Graceful Farm Sanctuary. Read more about it here.
Go have some fun at Wine and Goat Yoga. I have a feeling you'll love it.

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