Goat yoga. You've heard of it, right? If you're constantly on social media, then no doubt you've seen pictures of it on either your Facebook newsfeed or on Instagram.

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It's a thing now. People love it. Now, in order to maintain expectations, don't assume you're going to get a killer workout from the yoga itself. You won't. You will, however, leave with your abs burning from laughing so hard. It's impossible not to when baby goats are released to do their thing meanwhile you're in the 'downward dog' position.

If you're completely lost, let's back up for a second. What the heck is goat yoga? When you attend a goat yoga session (which is absolutely fine for beginners, by the way), baby goats are freely roaming around the area in which you're practicing. It's not rare for a baby goat to jump up and balance on your back while you're demonstrating certain yoga positions. It's so much fun and responsible for a lot of laughs for you and your friends.

Angels In the Pines Goat Farm is hosting the class for the next few weekends. They're located right up Liebig and Genoa Avenues in Galloway (Egg Harbor City for GPS purposes). According to the event page on Facebook, there will be plenty of room for social distancing since the class is hosted on acres and acres of land. Apparently, if yoga isn't your thing, you can also book playdates with the baby goats, too! How cool is that?

Get all the details HERE.

Source: Facebook

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