Remember when you lived in that rental place and the neighbors upstairs made so much noise?

It could have been Mays Landing, or Ventnor, or Wildwood, or Millville, or any of a million different places.

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When you live under someone else, you seem to hear every little sound they make - and, it seems even more amplified than it already is, right?

It might be their kids running around, the constant movement of furniture, or even (oh my goodness!) the squeaky bed that just seems to get a lot of use at the most inopportune times (like when your parents visit).

It doesn't matter if you're renting, owning, or sharing. When someone lives above you, it can be brutal.

This video is done by the comedy group, Above Average. They have really nailed it as far as what it's like living below someone.

Check it out:

You know there's only one solution when you live under someone who's a big noisemaker, right?

Yep, move.

(Well, there may be another solution or two, but those are probably not legal of very moral.)

Learn to enjoy your neighbors and you'll cut the stress out of your life. Remember that sign in your kitchen ' "Live, laugh, and love!" Don't sweat the small things - or the big, noisy things!

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