The title sounds like a joke, but we're oh so serious.

Multiple sources including the Center for Disease Control have shared the reports of 24 states that submitted claims of Chronic Wasting Disease. Shortened to CWD, this disease affects hooved animals like deer, elk, etc. It warps their minds, literally putting holes in their brain which causes them to eventually exhibit behaviors that make them seem confused, aloof, or "zombie-like", hence the nickname "zombie deer". says the CDC classifies this type of CWD as a prion disease. CWD is apparently always fatal. To add insult to injury, there's no cure for zombie deer. Reportedly, thousands of infected animals are consumed by humans every year. While no human cases have been reported yet, health professionals and the CDC warn that it could show up in humans eventually (think mad cow disease).

It would obviously be transmitted by eating the meat of an infected animal, so it's so important to follow the rules and regulations when hunting in areas that have reported cases of CWD. This could potentially be a major public health crisis, so to be safe, send your game away for testing EVERY SINGLE TIME.


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