An incident outside of a diner in Ocean County's Lacey Township left one man dead and another charged with aggravated manslaughter.

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It was an incident that never should have happened. After reading what happened, it's clear the entire situation did not have to escalate into what it did. reports that members of a biker gang were squabbling outside of the Lakeside Diner in Ocean County last week. What happened next definitely seems a little excessive, however that's now up to the courts to decide.

Biker Edward Chandler says he struck the other biker, Robert Clarke, in the face because he thought he Clarke was coming after his friend with a knife. Chandler's lawyer is claiming self-defense, however comments were made that may negate that stance. Now, Chandler will wait at home for his trial to begin since he's since been released from jail.

The fact that Clarke died as a result of a punch to the face is what makes this story so shocking. It's rare you hear of people losing their lives these days from anything other than bullets in the media today. Think about how hard Chandler would have had to hit Clarke for Clarke to perish. If it truly was an act of self-defense, then the force behind the punch makes sense. This case should be interesting to watch play out since the bikers were feuding over one being kicked out of a group that the other was still apart of.

No word has been shared about what the actual feud was about other than the previously mentioned.


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